Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#HangoutWithHonda experience in Bangalore

#HangoutWithHonda event was organised on a Sunday at the Oberoi's Bangalore to test the various features of the newest app by Honda Cars India. Various journalists and bloggers were invited for the event which started at 9 am in the morning.

The Honda Connect app comes with 5 key features:

  1. Impact Alert: Imagine yourself going for a long drive and you meet with an unfortunate accident on the road. First thing you will feel is panic, isn't it? Don't worry, as the app will activate the Honda 121 call centre to generate assistance for the customer.
  2. Locate My Car: How many times it has happened that you forget where you have parked your car in the parking among the hoard of cars? With Honda Connect, you can easily locate your car and reach it easily.
  3. Share My Location: From the safety point of view, this is very important to keep your loved ones informed about your location if you are running late for some unavoidable circumstances, you can conveniently share your location.
  4. Vehicle Health Monitoring: Personally I could never tell about the health of my car and I have a habit of forgetting servicing dates. Honda Connect takes care of both with timely notifications.
  5. Trip Analysis: Long route or short route? How fast did your loved ones drove your beloved car? All this can be checked through the app. 
All these features were shown to us with the help of live demonstration (apart from Impact Alert of course).

Honda Cars India released the app in December 2015 in association with Minda i-Connect and anyone can download it from the Google Play store and Apple's App Store.

To know more about the features of the app, do check the video below:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

#UandMeAgainstDengue - A fight against Dengue initiative by Mortein

It was a warm and sunny day in Bangalore and at 12 noon we reached the Mavalli Government school near Lalbagh for the event organised by Mortein. It was a small school and the first thing which I noticed was that the walls were painted with Indian tricolours. I thought, if we can succeed in eradicating polio from our country, we surely can surely eradicate Dengue as well. So, the initiative by Mortein really caught my attention here.

Here's my experience in the form of tweets:
Posters had been put and the kids were really looking forward to the activities.
As explained to me there were mainly 3 activities planned by Mortein.

1. Neem plantation by the Principal and the teachers of the school.
2. A street play based on Dengue.
3. Distribution of badges, leaflets and poster making competition based on it.

First activity:
As many as 5 neem plants were planted in the school surroundings. Hats off!
I got good responses on it, one of which was this informative tweet:

Second activity:
This was really fun, and the kids enjoyed it thoroughly. The play talked about the causes for Dengue and how one can take proper precautions. They busted several myths on it as well. Which kind of mosquitoes are responsible for this and do's and don'ts. They also made it clear that our surroundings should always be neat and clean in order to fight this off.

Last activity:

Log on to http:// for more information on the initiative. Causes and precautions and more all at the same place here. As a part of the program, Mortein will reach out to schools all around the country and nearly 50,000 people have already joined this fight. You can join this as well and we all can kick out Dengue with this praise worthy initiative by Mortein.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mahak Dewan

Before I *actually* start the post, I'd like to thank @NoopurJoshi who brought this Orkutiya to twitter. Irony is, after that she never stayed there as you'd see if you follow the hyperlink.

So the fairy tale of a story started in June 2009 when I created my dumb twitter account. Unaware of anything that twitter has to offer to me. Possibilities, friendship, interaction, followers, being in/famous etc etc etc.

Then I religiously started tweeting from December 2009, got to know the fine art of tweeting, crave for RTs, followers, got to know hashtags, #FollowFriday, #nowplaying #clt to name a few and what not. Yes, trending topics had that Fustin Fieber for like forever.

Anyway, then just after a few months I started making friends, *real* virtual friends...

Yes, I met @MahakDewan after a few months. Needless to say, I fell in love with her DP. Naive and proud Orkutiya kinda oxyMoron I was. I started following her just because she was pretty, simply pretty. Aadat se majboor, I asked her, "Is it you in the DP?" and on top of that, asked her to add me on Facebook *shudders*. She denied on my face, "I only add 'friends' who I know properly" was the answer. #OK.

At that very time I met a few more 'friends', I had a gang. We talked shit together, use to crib together, talk among ourselves. It was a mutual admiration society. So far so good. Till it was good.

During those times I was going through a very shit phase of my life - nothing going in my favor. Lady luck went for an vacation. Those times, @MahakDewan and I started chatting more often and use to flood our mutual followers' timeline time and again (morning mostly, yes). We were warned, abused, kidded, put into an OBC quota to name a few. We didn't care. We never did. This was the time when she was already @MahakD from @MahakDewan. Transition went one step further and it was simply @md610 now. Yeah, you guessed it right - to avoid orkutiyas and trolls. Sigh! My bad luck that I never got to enjoy like that. Girls are lucky to get a chance to handle those no? Indeed.

I'm an early riser, (Ha Ha!!). So, from the morning itself we use to chat. New Zealand was day by then - well ofcourse. Yeah, the bot @Bibhu2109 then and now @BrainyShady use to talk a lot as well with her as he use to sleep late. Wagerah! I was jealous, very.

Sigh! We started interchanging DMs now, then mails on gtalk. And one fine day she added me on Facebook. Whoa! :) Yeah - we started posting things on Walls, poke. This and that - left, right and center! You can ask @ImpsMom and @NabeelN for that matter.

We were friends now. Good friends. Over the distance! From New Zealand to India. Oh well.. my bad times with luck was not over, she knew. She was fighting with herself, I knew.

Time went on like that. Her prayers, my trials bore fruit and I was a relieved man now. She still had problems and I kept on underlining and do whatever I could to make her happy. I have no shame in bragging that I succeeded in most of the times. Early morning mails for example.

She called me once - yes. her voice was such a delicacy. I teased her for having a 5-year old's voice. She replied me that I sound like a 40-year old uncle. Which is so untrue. People tell me I sound drunk. But yes, I'm one of the few lucky people who are lucky enough to hear her sing a song. And trust when I tell, she rocks!

Best friends. Came to know lot about her, how artistic she is. How beautiful is her voice. How well she can dance. How strong she is. How well she can smile and hide her pain. How charming her partner is. So happy for her.

I really don't know what made me write this, may be alcohol - or may be not. You will understand, I know.
I couldn't have done it better than you what you did for me. The doodles, the songs, the voice b'day message etc.

Ooooh yes! She is fond of naming me aswell, which I just love it like beer. Notable one is, MHK - Mera Heera Kohinoori. Latest one is Goooeeeeyyyy! Meaning: Edible form of cuteness. :D

Yes, it's her b'day today and I wish her the best in life. And hope she keeps like this for ever. My friend. My best friend. To be frank, I never had someone who I could call that. Except from my sweetest sister Pallavi ofcourse. A Very Happy B'day Mahak!

P.S. - This post won't be considered complete without mentioning @rohwit and @xmanishaa who are also so so so so dear to me. No way, I'm stealing your thunder Mahak.

P.S. - I love you, Doooooeeeeyyyyyyyy!!! SIBAHSTMF! MahakA main MahakA.

P.S. - Take a picture of yourself once you finish reading this post.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Three Incidents of My 'Life'

Jeez! The title of the post sounds a bit familiar right? I hope Chetan Bhagat doesn't barge in and ask for 'credit'. Ha Ha!! Bad Joke.

So, the general idea is to read these three incidents and pretend that you're not bored, Well I can assure you though that you'll definitely say. "Kahani puri filmi hai." :D \m/

I've tried to keep it as short as I can. I swear. But Alas! It's long. Sigh! Sorry about that.

Oh yes, comments are hugely awaited and welcomed, even booooooos will do, as I'm writing 'something' after almost a year. So here it goes...

Plot 1:

Howrah Station, Platform - I don't remember, Train - I don't remember, Day - XX January 200_ around 3-4 p.m.: We were returning to college after our 3rd semester vacations, Sigh!  We had already occupied our berths on the train(One whole compartment was assigned to us) and there was still some time for the train to leave. So as usual, we were wandering on the platform while some were guarding our stuff inside the coach.

I was acting ubercool, listening to music on FM with my earphones on, was wearing a tee and a jacket and jeans and slippers. Wow, my definition of being cool. Naive.

Oh yes, did I tell you 'I' had the window seat assigned on my name?

Okay, so suddenly I saw this girl sitting on my window seat. She was wearing black framed specs and had long black hair tied like a pony, was wearing a black pullover. I was like.. "WTF?" + "Oh hmmmm" + "Time pass". :D

[She *looking at me and thinking*: "Who that guy is? LOL!! What he thinks of himself? Brad Pitt? :D]

The train started to move and we all hurried inside the coach and when we reached our compartment, one of my friend 'M1'stood up and introduced her, "She's G, my cousin, and she will be traveling with us since her seat is in the other coach and these are my friends" We all were like, "Ofcourse!".

She had a round face, pretty behind the specs, smart (for now).

I thought, "Oh sigh! Cousin of M1.. Duh!!".

Train was already gaining speed and was getting dark. My friends started shifting to other compartments to find other guys from our college and for the 'hunting butterflies' mission. #GetIt

So, G was now reading some novel.(Still sitting on my window seat, Sigh!) I was sitting just opposite to her now, in someone Else's window seat. #FTW. I said, "Errr.. which novel is it?"

[G *thinking*: "Yeah right. Flirt"]

G: It's P, written by Q.

Me: Oh, is it? Good?

G: Errrm.. just started..

Me: Do tell me how it is, you can lend me then.

[G *thinking*: "Hmmm.. well done, I don't even know you dude."]

G: Yes, why not? So, you like novels?

Me: Yes ofcourse. [All I had read was Harry Potter and well...Hardy boys at school. Yes, I started reading novels late.]

G: Oh really? Which ones have you read?

Me: Harry Potter. (Duh!!)

G: Oh! I don't like Harry Potter. Too kiddish I heard.

[Me *thinking*: Shut up Miss-Know-It-All]

Me: Well errrmmm.. yeah! :|

By now my friends had started coming back from the 'hunt'. Time passed by and it was dinner time and followed by movie time. That's right. Movie time. 'We' had laptops now.. :D

X: Let's watch this Assamese comedy I brought.

Y: Whose laptop then?

A: Not mine please, it's stuffed way too in the suitcase. (:|)

Me: What? Don't look at me like this.. oh kay..

I opened my bag and pulled it out. CD was inserted in and there we go. Ha Ha Ha!! - Bwahahahaahh!! - Oh Shhh.. - Others will throw us out. Done! Movie time over,was almost 1 am. Everyone started yawning like cubs.

'Who-will-sleep-where' round had already begun, and almost all others had grabbed one berth already. I was like, :-/

M1 and G started arguing, "I'll go and sleep at your seat and sleep - No need, I can manage. Blah Blah Blah.." I said, "I don't mind sleeping at her seat, beside that, you both can be here together and I'm not sleepy aswell.. I think I 'll watch another movie on my laptop.. I can take it there."

M1 readily agreed. G was "Errrm.. okay."

So I took my laptop and went to her seat. Was side lower and kept the laptop bag like a pillow and dozed off. What movie? Duh..

As usual, I woke up at around 7am. The train was standing on some platform. "Will it be okay if I check those guys?" - "No, too early".

8 am, The train was still standing on the same platform. "Now? - Still too early"

8.30 am, And yes the train was standing on the same platform still. "I'm going." So, I went to my gang, and as usual all were sleeping, Sigh! I checked where G is, she was sleeping at the top most berth. I sat on the seat and needless to say kept on glancing up. :|

And to my sudden realisation, the train was still standing on the same platform. WTF? I took the brush and went to brush teeth, I got down just like that and inquired the hawkers, they told me, train will get even more late, some problem on the line or whatever. I was like, "Holy Crap!".

I went back, and saw to my relief some of them had woken up. I told them about the situation. They were like, "Shit! We'll get late." I said, "Tell me about it."

And she was still sleeping.

10-10.30 am - Almost all of us got up except You-know-who.

[Me: *thinking* : Sleeping beauty! Duh.]

By 11 am she woke up, FINALLY. And the train also started after a few minutes. :|


It was around 12.30-1 pm, She was now sitting with M2 in the just opposite compartment at the side lower, talking like 'friends'. And I was sitting on my compartment, thinking, "F U M2." To my amazement, M2 (my classmate) called me up to join them. Hola Amigo!! :D

Needless to say, there was no second invitation. I went there and sat just opposite to her.

M2 said, "This is Pritam, the most eligible bachelor of my batch."

Me: Yes. What?? :o

M2: C'mon dude, you are all over orkut with 15k scraps..

Me: Well yes. Kind of.. so?

M2: It's okay yaar. Just kidding.

Me: Oh! Not a problem, loads of people don't use it. I've loads of friends there, and 15 k scraps.. this and that.

G: I too have one but I hardly use it.

Me: Err.. right.

Me: You can add me though, would you? And give me a fan.

G: What? What fan?

Me: Errm..nothing. (WTF Pritam?)

M2: She's from _ College, Nagpur.

Me: Oh is it? It's really nice college isn't it? Number 1 in Nagpur? What's your branch?

G: Errrm.. well I'm from Architecture and I don't know if it's the Number 1 college in Nagpur.

Me: Oh may be not then..

G: What?

Me: Nothing, so you're in Architecture? Which year?

G: 3rd year.

Me: Err.. excuse me? Means you're our senior?

G: Yes! Ha Ha!! Kind of. Address me 'Ma'm'. It's a 5 year degree course though.

Me: Oh is it? I never knew. Ma'm? Duh! Forget it, you're not from our college.

M2: Of course not, she's my classmate from college. 11th-12th.

Me: We'll call you Miss.Archi. :D

G: No need.

M2: Yes, sounds fun. :D

Me: Done then Miss.Archi. So, what you do in Architecture?

G: What do you think? We design buildings, this bridge..(We just moved over a railway bridge) and this and that. Everything where you go has been designed by us.

Me: Us? You?

G: Duh! Architects I mean. (Dumbhead)

Me: Oh right! Just that much?

G: *stares* So what YOU do Mr.IT?

Me: We play games.. Bwahahaahah!! :D

G: Whatever *rolls eyes*

Me: Okay Okay, what else you do?

G: See, we not just design a building but the entire thing, the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc. Everything should be in order, proportions, interiors, loads of things..

Me: You're telling me you guys design the loo as well?

G: Well errr.. yes?

Me: Yuck!!

G: Oh boy, we design, not build.. it's done by civil engineers..

Me: Oooooohhh!!! Yes. So you design and civil engineers build, so basically it's the engineers who make the world. Isn't it? *smirk*

G: Whatever. *pissed*

Me: Okay okay Sorry.. let's talk something else..

G: Yeah right. (I don't want to.. Gah!)

Me: Okay, don't mind, do you have a boyfriend?

G: *pause* Recently I had a major break off.

Me: *thinking* "C'mon, are you serious? Major break off? What on Earth is it? Duh!*"

Me: Oh is it? Why what happened?

G: Just leave it. *firm*

Me: Okay.


G: So what about you?

Me: what about me?

G: Any girlfriend?

Me: Nope!

G: Past?

Me: Nope!

G: None? None at all?

Me: Nope! (Duh!)

G: What's your age?

Me: Errr.. 19?

G: You're telling me, 19 years and without a girlfriend? Ha Ha!! :D

Me: Huh? :P

Train halts at a station. M2 gets down to check. I too follow suit. I see a ice-cream shop, took 2 ice cream cups and rushed to the seat opposite to her.

Me: Ice cream? He didn't have change so I bought 2. Want one? [M2 had already brought her one. Oh Damn!]

G: Sure! Now I've two. Ha Ha!!

Me and M2 exchanged looks. :-/

Train starts and we three are busy eating the ice-creams.

Me: So how you two know each other?

G: Oh! We were together at college. M2 told you right?

Me: Oh Yes, No I mean same section?

G: Yes. His roll was ___ and mine was ____.

Me: You remember his roll no. as well?

G and M2: Ha Ha!!

Me *thinking*: Oh boy. Damn!

M2 and my ice creams were over. She was eating the first one still. It got over and she instantly started the second one.

She: Don't look at me like that, I'm not gonna share. :P

M2 and Me: Duh! No need. (Ehsaan - faramosh!)

One of my classmate, A joined in now.

M2: This is our third classmate, A.

His and Hellos..

G: So you guys sit together at college?

A: Sometimes. Yes

Me: Yes.

M2: Yup!

Her ice-cream was finished by now.

M2: Do you now, Pritam likes a girl - S.

Me: No I don't. C'mon.

A: Ofcourse he does. That E & C dept. one right?

M2: C'mon dude, you told us you like her.

Me: I 'said', she's good.

A: Liar.

G: Who's she?

Me: No one. Please.

M2 tells her entire biodata. No kidding.(Bleh!)

G: Jeez! You should try.

Me: Duh!!

A: Ha Ha!!

M2: Don't worry dude, we'll definitely do something this semester with you and her.

A: Yeah! We've loads of links in girls hostel.


G: Wow!! Do tell me.

M2 and A: Ofcourse!

Me *thinking*: "Sigh!"

To my relief train halts at another station. A goes to 'hunt' and I left M2 and G to roam around the platform as usual. I saw some fruits and purchased grapes. Ha Ha!! And went inside.

Me: Grapes?

G: Where you get these?

Me: What do you think Miss.Archi?

M2 plucked some from the bunch and ate.

M2: Nice!

I plucked one and ate..

Me: Oh yes. You don't want? Sure?

G: Why not?

So now we were eating grapes. Oh boy.

So we chatted like that for a few more hours, don't remember much but I kept on popping words like 'Miss-Archi', 'loo', 'engineers' etc. Mind you, it was fun and I talked like never ever before. There was some kinda charm, friendliness in her voice.

It was around 6 pm and we were about to reach Nagpur, suddenly she got tensed.

G: Damn! I'll get late and how am I suppose to go to hostel at 10pm? They won't allow me. And worst I might not get an auto or will have to go alone at night.

Me: Errrm..

M2: Call someone.

Me: Yes. (I had no idea what to say next)

She goes to her bag and starts unpacking and searches for her mobile. It was stuffed deep somewhere. I was like :|

Now everyone joins in, giving their million dollar ideas. M1 said, "I'll get down in Nagpur, drop you at your hostel and will stay for the night at some lodge and take a bus tomorrow morning."

A: Oh yes! I'll get down as well.

Me *thinking*: Fuck! I should have said that.

G: Let's see. You guys won't have problem right?

A and M1: Nopes!

Me*thinking*: "Sigh!"

G: Let me call someone first.

She calls up and talks to someone hurriedly.

G: No need, R is coming and he'll drop me on his bike.

M1: Sure?

G: Ofcourse!!

M1 was reluctant but well he agreed and we sat again and talked this and that. By now, I was thinking, "Way out of your league Pritam, + M1's cousin, + your senior(almost) + this + that.." And was no talking much like I was the whole time just listening to everyone and nodding head. Was feeling something I was going to miss. I again thought, "C'mon dude, you hardly know her. - Yeah!"

Nagpur arrived and she got down, with the bag on her shoulders, was way too big for her but she had some strength. Oh boy. We exchanged byes and all.. but yes, didn't exchange phone numbers.

It was over.

[End of Plot 1]


Plot 2:

Wardha: Boys Hostel A, Room No.319 , After almost 1-2 weeks after Plot 1, around 10 pm.

*ring ring*

Me: Hello?

Other side of the phone(A sweet girl's voice): Hello. Is it Pritam? (in Assamese)

Me: Errrm... yes.. Who's it?

[Me*thinking* : Wow, Airtel number(means 10p/min calling - THE TARIFF SCHEME THAT FUCKED US ALL.), A girl's voice, that too Assamese, today is my lucky day...err.. night *glee*)

G: Huh? Didn't recognise me Mr.IT?

Me: Oh! Miss.Archi.. *exited* Wow, how you've been? From where you got my number?

G: Huh? I thought you forgot.

Me: No way. How can I? But from where did you get my number?

G: Does it matter? I've my sources.

Me: Yeah right! (M2 - Gah! Captain Obvious)

G: No, just called you, thought you might have forgotten me.

Me: Arey no.

G: Okay, do keep in touch. It's my number.

Me: Sure Sure.

G: Bye, Good Night.

Me: Yeah! You too.


I was like, " Ahem.. Wow Pritam.. khe khe khe!! "

[General, no I mean Girl's Knowledge: She called me 'coz she thought, I have an attitude problem since I didn't call her in the first place. (For the first time ever in her life, someone didn't give her attention). She wanted to find out why. No kidding. She told me *later*.]


After a week:

*beep beep*

SMS from G: "Wassup?"

I replied: "Writing practicals babes!"
(Oh Damn! Babes? What were you thinking Pritam, you dumbhead!)

SMS from G: "Oh right. Good Night."

I replied: "You too."

Me: *facepalm*


Next day:

*beep beep*

SMS from G: "Wassup? How was the day?"

I replied: "I was OUTstanding as my Professor had kicked me out."
(You and your stupid jokes Pritam, *facetable*)

SMS from G: "Ha Ha!! Good Night."

I replied: "Yeah! You too."


After few days:

I SMSed: "Guess what! We're going to Goa! From college."

Reply from G: "Oh kewl. I'm so envious."

I replied: "Oh don't worry, I'll bring something for you sure."

Reply from G: "Right, bring beer for me."

(I didn't use to drink by then.)

I SMSed: "Oh sure!"

Reply from G: "And get youself some sexy beach girl."

I SMSed: "Ha Ha!!"


So we went to Goa from college, on 13th of February. While in the bus, at 12 midnight it as 14th February, Valentine's Day. I was still awake, and I sent a SMS to G: "Happy Valentine's Day" (WTF? Pritam?)

She replied: "Yeah Thanks! You too!"



She called me while I was still in Goa.

G: How mean haan? Can't even call?

Me: Arey I was going to.

G: Yeah right. So what did you do yet?

Me: I errrr..... drank.

G: Why are you so shy?

Me: Who? Me? No.

G: Ha Ha!! So what you errr.... drank?

Me: Kingfisher and ummmm Fenny.

G: Fenny?

Me: Yeah! It's a local drink.

G: Oh great! Enjoy. Keep in touch.

Me: Yeah sure. Good Night.

G: Good Night.

I got back from the Goa trip and needless to say we started talking over the phone. Airtel 10p/min calling For The Win. :)

[End of plot 2]


Plot 3: The most important, which changed it all.

So it was Holi time and we decided to ran away to Nagpur from our hostel for a change. We stayed at a lodge and decided to watch 'Ghostrider' together. We were around 16 guys. I called her up and invited her aswell since she was a common friend to all of us. I asked A to book 2 tickets for me and her and I went to pick her from a place near by the Liberty Cinema Hall.

I was waiting, wandering on the footpath, expecting her to come walking from a side, I was wearing a black tee and jeans and was like, "How do I look? Okay I guess.." :| "And Yes she wears specs and have long black hair." I reminded myself time and again.

*ring ring*

G: What are you doing there? I asked to wait opposite to that footpath.

Me: What?

G: Come over here.

Me: What? Wait.. *startled - She was no where to be seen* Where are you?

G: Can't you see the auto in front of you?

Me: Where?

G: Stupid, look a bit towards your left.

I saw a girl waving from the auto.

Me*thinking*: "She can't be her. She is not wearing spec."

G: You should get specs. (At that time, I didn't use to wear specs) Can't you see me waving at you?

Me: Whoa!! Wait.

G: Come soon.

Me: Yeah! Yeah! Coming.

I went to the auto and peeped in. There was this amazingly pretty girl, without specs, make up = nil, long tied hair in a special way, so cute and innocent, was wearing a green top and jeans.. I was staring at her for a whole one minute( The time pause they show in movies, Yes), she was saying something..

G(angrily): PRITAM!!!! Look at this. *pointing towards her neck*

Me: What? What is that?

G: Egg.

Me: Egg? (nothing was making any sense whatsoever)

G: Arey, I got down at that square and two Punjabi guys were riding Karizma and throwed eggs at me and ran away shouting 'Holi hai'..

Me: What? Bwahahahahaahha!!

She gave me a very bad look.

Me: Oh is it? Bad.. Sorry! Now?

G: Now what? I'll have to go to my hostel and change, what else?

Me: And our movie?

G: What? All you can think of is your stupid movie right now?

Me: Errr... No.. I mean wait..

I called A, and well could not explain him and luckily he had not purchased tickets yet. He was menacing.. I can tell that over the phone.(I 'll be screwed today evening by those 15 guys.. FOR SURE *gulp*)

G: What did A say?

Me: Nothing.. *fake smile*

G: Are you laughing at me? Don't you dare.

I was not laughing but that made me laugh.. I controlled it though.. And kept on looking her innocent-cute-tensed face till we reached her hostel..

G: You wait in the auto, I'll be back in 10 minutes.

Me: What? Okay!

G: And don't get down from the auto, the guards will shoo you away.

Me: Right!

She hurried to her hostel and I was sitting on the auto, talking to the auto wallah, all kinda shit. 10 mins - 20 mins - 30 mins - 45 mins..

She appeared at last, rushed into the auto.

G: Bhaiyya. Burdi!

Now, she was wearing a sleeveless black tee, a jeans and was looking more pretty than ever.. I had never seen girl like that, I swear. A rich aroma of perfume, or was it her some special soap/bodywash? I still remember that feeling. Her hair was untied now and were still wet and needless to say the wind kept on messing it, she felt annoyed every time and used to curl it behind her ear. And she had a rubber band on her wrist, which she had brought to tie them later(after they dry..ummmm), I guess. I wanted to tell her, "No need". I kept on glancing a her pretty face, and somehow it was glowing like Gold. Molten Gold. I could make out that her cheeks must be soft as a puffed candy. Her face was not tensed anymore but was the best thing I had ever seen.

She was saying something.

Me: What?

G: I asked, what you want to do now?

Me: Err..

G: Lunch?

Me: Errr.. yeah..

G: Where?

Me: How would I know? It's your city, not mine.

G: Let me think. What you want to have? Indian, Chinese?

Me: Anything will do.

G: I want to eat Indian, let's go to Singh's.

Me: Hmmm.. okay! (Had no idea, What's Singh's was.)

G: Do you talk this less? On train, you were toh blabbering non stop?

Me: Errm... yes.

G: And what about that SMS?

Me: What SMS?

G: writing practicals 'babes'?

Me: Oh that? Aiwaee!! *tried to smile*

G: It startled me.

Me*thinking*:  Same here. Oh boy.. (not now)

G: Ha Ha!! Cheeky.

Honestly, I was too busy looking at her to even think of anything else in the World. I was unable to see her pretty face directly so I glimpsed to the rear view mirror and well, it worked wonders..

So, we went to Singh's (A Punjabi restaurant) and then to Big Bazaar(Only mall available then), talked, talked and talked, spent half of the evening and then I left for the lodge. *gulp*

Amazingly no one said anything to me, we packed our bags and left for the local train to catch. We all sat together, somehow I was in the middle of everyone. Or was it my imagination?

M2: Where were you Pritam?

S: Yes Pritam? *smirk*

Me: I told A na?

A: *mischievous smile*

And there it started, I was screwed with their jibes, their 'hints', their making fun of me, they even declared G my wife. WOW!! And on top of that, you won't believe, they started making my wedding plans.. Gah!! Those plans, you don't wanna know. Will take another full page! The whole journey got over like that. Sigh!

I reached my room and fell on the bed, was too exhausted and exited at the same time, just before sleeping, prayed, " Oh Dear God! Make it happen."

You guys are smart enough to guess what happened next right? Yes, our 'talk's increased, SMSes increased, my Nagpur-Wardha up-down increased and what not. We use to talk the whole night, Once we talked 10 pm - 6 am at a stretch(No kidding!). I saw too many shooting stars and made just one wish every time. They do work, mind you. Two months later we were going back home after 4th Semester vacations, Ofcourse with my friends and her, just the difference was She was my girlfriend now. ;) <3

[End of Plot 3]


EPILOGUE: Sigh! Now the hard part. You guys must be thinking why I wrote this blog post. Well honest answer is "Every good thing has to end someway, someday or other... isn't it?"

Yes, we're not together anymore(Don't ask me why.. Loads of reasons but nothing like 'differences', I assure you. Mutual you can say.) and it's her B'day today, so this post is entirely dedicated to her., since I can't send her a B'day gift, Yes, but shall send her the link for sure.

She always used to tell me, "Never cry, smile 'coz it happened". Yes, I listened to her, Ha Ha!! And infact, had it helped me with various aspects of my life. I started believing in myself, I don't stammer anymore etc etc etc. I'm still a failure so far but yes my future is bright. I know that, and she knows that.

One fine day she asked me, "Will you always be my friend?" I said, "Ofcourse, forever." (this was before we were 'officially love birds.)

She told me, "I'll never get a person like you."

These are some of my fondest memories of her and I want to cherish them forever, Ofcourse they are imbibed in my heart but just felt like writing them out. Just in case..

There are more, loads, zillions of memories, one of them is today, 16th December 200_. I'll never ever forget this day. The best day, THE BEST day of my life. And it's today.. A few years down the line. But today.

It's time to let her go. This is my B'day gift to her.. Ha Ha!! Yup, I'm way too dramatic. But Yes.. I'm letting her go today with a hope/faith/belief deep in my heart that 'Miracles do happen." Amen. (I need to find shooting stars now.. :D)

Thank You for your patience guys, and for bearing my anomalies. I'm not good at writing and sure I'm a GrammarGandu. :D

One last time, A Very Happy B'day Jaan...

P.S. I Love You.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Standing in the midst of my dreams..
Feel trapped between egos and aspirations..
With darkness for company.
Dreams, those dreams chasing me, mocking me..
No, they ain't my worst nightmares.
I admit I wanted those to be a part of my life,
To some extent, at some point of time.
With care and imagination,
Woven with someone I loved!
Caught in the sands of time..

Each one of them,
Ask me the same question time and again
In some sorta creaking voices,
"When I'll be fulfilling them?"
"When I'll set them free..?"
I feel like a prince of some fairy tale
Pleading me to break the curses..
But a part of me,
Don't want to let them go.
Why cant they just leave me alone?

Why cant they shut up?
Choking me deep down.
The more I fight them,
The more they get anxious.
The more they encircle me like a whirlwind.
I wanna close my eyes, my ears..
Till it stops, please make it stop!
Feel out of place these days,
Wanna lock myself somewhere.
Wanna cry, wanna break,wanna keep running
Till I hit something, anything...
Feel like screaming, nothings right...
A distant light, like a ray of hope,
Hope, all I have..
Still, hoping, I wonder for how long..
Till I break down.
Secretly I'd hope,
Someone to come, my guardian angel,
Hold my hand, Show me the way...

(P.S.- I'm writing this after a year!! Sorry for any anomalies, still an amateur I am!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am so Lost!

I am so lost.
Whenever you are not here,
Lost in your thoughts.
Lost in your elegance.

I am so lost.
Whenever I look at you.
Lost in your charm.
Lost in your panache.

I am so lost.
Whenever I'm talking with you,
Lost in your words.
Lost in your sweet voice.

I am so lost.
Whenever you are with me,
Lost in your fragrance.
Lost in your charishma.

I am so lost.
Whenever I look at your eyes,
Lost in your grace.
Lost in your mesmerism.

I am so lost.
Whenever I look at your face,
Lost in your smile.
Lost in your expressions.

I am so lost.
Whenever I am holding you in my arms,
Lost in time.
Lost in You.
Don't wanna let you go,
Don't wanna lose you ever.

I am so lost.
Whenever we are kissing each other,
Lost in its sweetness.
Lost in its continuity.
Don't wanna let you go,
Don't wanna lose you ever.

I really enjoy this world,
Spinning all around me.
I am so lost.
I am so in love...

Dedicated to My Luv!

P.S.-Using the pink color, 'coz you look stunning in it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm a terrorist...

I enjoy killing people.
"No, I'm not a lunatic."
I like to destroy.
"No, I'm not the creator."
I want to rule.
"No, I'm not the one."

These are some emotions,

Sprouting inside my mind.
The contrasting ones,
Are of my inner soul, my heart.
But I'm not willing to listen to those.

I'm a terrorist.

I want to achieve something.
By the means of force and brutality,
By the means of terror and mayhem.
There's no place for Ahimsa.

I do it in the names of God!
I do it in the names of religion.
Sometimes, I do it for money.
I do it for hatred,
Or sometimes for some compulsions.

I don't think about the outcome,the other way.
Some lose their lives,
Some are left disabled,
Some lose their dear ones.
But why should I care?

I get satisfaction in whatever I do.
Cries of people suffering in the hospitals,
Agony of the people at home.
But again why should I care?

I act deaf.
I act heartless, soul less,
I act merciless and selfish!
The one suffered because of me,
Has nothing to do with me.
I do not know him,
Let alone caring about him or his family.

In the long run,
I don't know, what I'll achieve.
I might be dead the same way round.
But I dont care a bit.
I won't reform,
I won't stop all this mayhem.
People and Government all alike,
Will be just the mute spectators.
They will watch me rule.
They will watch me gain power,
Of bombs, of bullets.

There's no end to this terror,
There's no end to this turmoil.
There's only the end of humanity.
It's just the beginning,
Of the end of peace on earth.
Do whatever you can muster,
Do whatever you can, But Now!!!
Or a day will come,
When I'll be all around the world,
And there will be no end to this,
I'll keep on developing,
And engulfing this world of yours.
Though I won't achieve anything...