Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#HangoutWithHonda experience in Bangalore

#HangoutWithHonda event was organised on a Sunday at the Oberoi's Bangalore to test the various features of the newest app by Honda Cars India. Various journalists and bloggers were invited for the event which started at 9 am in the morning.

The Honda Connect app comes with 5 key features:

  1. Impact Alert: Imagine yourself going for a long drive and you meet with an unfortunate accident on the road. First thing you will feel is panic, isn't it? Don't worry, as the app will activate the Honda 121 call centre to generate assistance for the customer.
  2. Locate My Car: How many times it has happened that you forget where you have parked your car in the parking among the hoard of cars? With Honda Connect, you can easily locate your car and reach it easily.
  3. Share My Location: From the safety point of view, this is very important to keep your loved ones informed about your location if you are running late for some unavoidable circumstances, you can conveniently share your location.
  4. Vehicle Health Monitoring: Personally I could never tell about the health of my car and I have a habit of forgetting servicing dates. Honda Connect takes care of both with timely notifications.
  5. Trip Analysis: Long route or short route? How fast did your loved ones drove your beloved car? All this can be checked through the app. 
All these features were shown to us with the help of live demonstration (apart from Impact Alert of course).

Honda Cars India released the app in December 2015 in association with Minda i-Connect and anyone can download it from the Google Play store and Apple's App Store.

To know more about the features of the app, do check the video below:

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